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Douglas Yacht Services is the Caribbean representative of the two leading service providers in global yachting transport: Sevenstar and DYT Yacht Transport

We deliver your yacht where it needs to be, when it needs to be with Sevenstar and DYT Yacht Transport! 

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Sevenstar Yacht Transport is the first company to receive certification for it's transport cradles from Lloyd's Register, one of the most reputable marine classification societies in the maritime industry. 

DYS adds its personal concierge touch by taking care of all your pre-loading and post-loading requirements, from providing berths, captains & crew to handle your yacht and hotel & travel reservations

The Bay of Le Marin is known for its uniqueness in transporting yachts from the Caribbean to any destination in the world, due to its protected waters and its 27 meter depth. DYS' cumulative experience since 2015 has allowed it to increase rotations in the bay from 4 to 11 per year. 

With 120 company-owned vessels, Sevenstar Yacht Transport offers the opportunity to explore the world on your terms. 

DYT's two vessels with their unique "float on, float off" system and dedicated technical team, make transporting your superyacht the safest option to the world's most essential pleasure destinations.

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