The concept

DYS, established in 2007, offers to yachts an ever expanding range of A to Z services .... from delivering a bale of hay to organising an extraordionary remake of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" from Antigua to the Grenadines.

The company policy is simple : Deliver excellence 24H/24 - 7/7 anywhere in Martinique and beyond. To achieve excellence, each member of the team multitasks while conserving leadership in an area of expertise.

Marie-Eugénie, Méyne, Julie, Jules, Douglas and the rest of the extended DYS team look forward to taking care of you in the 2023/2024 season.


DYS allows you to enter and exit easily from the island, thanks to a clearance send via email, no matter where you are anchored.
We transparently handle any immigration requirements for guests and crew for a yacht visit or flight in and out of Martinique.
From "à la carte" tours adapted to the tastes of your guests to booking a berth, we offer a wide range of services from A to Z.


There is a wide choice of options. The island can be easily divided into 4 areas each with its specifics that can match to the different choices of the guests.

In summary:
The North - Mountains, rivers, Mother Nature, and history (St Pierre).
South West – Diving for all, Jet Ski, kiting, beaches and relaxation.
South East – Access to the best beaches, walking along the buffs, turtle nests.
East Coast – Little islands & bays behind protective reefs – our mini-Grenadines.  


Our team is committed to “à la carte” choice and quality, sourcing locally and from Rungis depending on your requirements and delivery times.


DYS finds solutions for your technical needs: Spare parts, Technicians up to the Management of your project.


DYS is the Caribbean agent for SEVENSTAR & DYT.
DYS adds that personal service touch by taking care of all your pre-loading and post-unloading requirements.


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Hi Douglas

The guests started their walk in Le Vauclin and ended in the little bay adjacent to Ile Petit Grenade.

Really popular local picnic spot on a Sunday!

They really enjoyed the ramble and commented on how well signposted everything was and that overall it was a really enjoyable experience.

The two crew who accompanied them also commented positively!

Many thanks for the multiple options and superb directions – greatly appreciated and added miles of value to an already excellent choice of bays to anchor.

Winston Joyce-Clarke (Captain)

M.V. Seawolf

Hey Hoelenn, 

We are taking off tomorrow!!! Sorry I missed seeing you and that I was unable to say goodbye in person. Thanks for all your help, it was truly appreciated. 

Really looking forward to our continued adventures but we are said to say goodbye to Martinique - we love it here! Thanks for being a part of what made our stay here great!!!

Thanks again!

My Warmest Regards,

Diane Mailloux


Douglas, Marie,

Big Change and Little Change were launched today, we are in the Marina and the little boat is back out of the water, the new engines arrive tomorrow!

Happy Dynamic has already left for Genoa.

We have had quite a few adventures over the last few weeks but I know that without your support we would not have survived them as well as we have.