Douglas Docks

With over a 1700 visiting yachts, getting a berth is a major challenge. Demand is high so please call DYS for reservations.

In the marina, berths are available for yachts up to 50m and 4.5m depth. For larger yachts there are reserved anchorages around Martinique as well as berths in the port of Fort-de-France.

Each marina berth includes pumping facilities for grey and black water evacuation, several outlets of 400V 125A 50Hz three phase electricity supply. Martinique is recognized for the excellent quality of its water supply.

Marina security is provided by both CCTV, gate entry codes and security guards at night backed-up by very close cooperation with the gendarmes.

Top quality European spec fuel is available by high-speed pumps in the marina or by dedicated truck delivery in the port of FDF.

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