Our Mini-Grenadines without the crowd!

A stunning area where the anchorages are protected from the Atlantic swells by extensive reefs.

An all-weather entrance at Le Robert allows vessels to come into that port or swing south to Le François Bay and head to the absolute calm behind the islands of Thierry and Oscar and down to the anchorage near Islet Long – see the photographs of the yachts at anchor in the presentation “Martinique the Best kept Secret in the Caribbean” : PDF iconView the full pdf of our Martinique tourist guide by clicking on this link.


An alternative entrance is to come East of the Vauclin and enjoy being behind the reefs all the way to these islands. SY Aquarius did it with 8m depths (keel down) and gave us his plot to be shared with others.

Had the likes of SY Aphrodite, MY Axioma, MY Lady Sheridan, MY Ekaterina, SY Topaz and many others out amongst these islands.

As a function of the weather, the yacht can go there, get nestled in between these islands in the protected waters and the guests arrive via the tender through the small marina in Le François.

We frequently tie this is in with a visit to Habitation Clément with its rum tasting which is only 10 minutes away – it is the “must do” of Martinique.

The old plantation creole vacation home on Ilet Oscar is a guest house and can be privatized.

The popular shallow area of “Empress Josephine’s bathtub” is between these islands and we have already had BBQed lobster served on floating mattresses while some imaginations enjoyed being with Josephine! Guests then drank dry the guesthouse!


Great area for Jet-Ski, kiting, kayaking, swimming, snorkelling (mask & tuba) or for the more adventurous diving on the outer reefs. There are only a few small beaches on the islands. 

Exploration with Jet-Skis, kayak or tender of the bays between Bay of Treasure on the south- east side of the Tartane peninsula all the way down to Ilet Grenade just north of Vauclin.


Water is beautiful but can be very shallow and there are coral outcrops so one needs to proceed with care at limited speed.  

Transitions to the airport or for visits are easily done day and night via the small marina in Le François port with the tender’s GPS programmed through the passages. 


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