Le Marin bay (Cul de Sac), Sainte Anne and the Atlantic coast

Le Marin Bay is totally calm and offers that treasured moment of no more movement while on the sea!

You can either anchor off in the bay of Sainte Anne, or come into Le Marin Bay where the Dockwise offloads the yachts with its reserved anchorages.

A relatively isolated spot is close to inner beach of the Club Med. This beach is little used by the Club and buying day passes has often allowed de facto exclusivity on the beach (cannot be guaranteed). The Club Med facility with its spa is frequently used by the guests paying the daily pass fee to use its facilities.

There is also the beach at Pointe Dunkerque which is little used as access is by foot path. In the presentation, see the photo of MY Gene Machine right up close to the beach (anchorage no longer allowed for yachts >50m).


From Le Marin, you can easily visit Habitation Clément with its rum tasting – it is the “must see & do” of Martinique. The taxi ride along the coast will show the reefs that protect the East coast area. 


The best beaches in Martinique are on the South & East coasts – great areas for kiting & windsurfing as you are protected behind the reefs & the wind blows you ashore, but they are not accessible from the yacht. 

The popular Salines beach with its local beach restaurants can be accessed by tender or eventually by taxi (10 min). 

A great walk can start at Dunkirk beach following the trail along the beaches and over the cliffs going from beach cove to beach cove, sometimes through mangroves on wooden bridges / paths that are indicated clearly by the management of the National Park reserve.


Walks can last from 1.5 hour to 10 hours…. All the way to Vauclin. Road access at several points allows you to adjust the length of the walk.

You go along the beaches to Les Salines and then over the cliffs, through the Petrified Savanna to Anse Trabaud which is a beautiful long beach which has limited car access.

You can do good body surfing with a long shallow surfing run at the northern part of the beach of Anse Trabaud.

Warning: this is the East Coast and you need to watch out for current pulls particularly if the surf is high. You must stay where you can stand. 

The walk to Anse Trabaud & back would take +/- 2,5 hours depending on how fast you walk.

A taxi can pick you up if you do not want to walk back.


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