-Base/Rules for charter Yachts:

  • Commercial Register or Private Yacht can Charter
  • Pick-up and drop-off is allowed
  • Charter starts from Martinique are VAT Free for yachts greater than 24m
  • A full professional crew must be on board 
  • Charter contract must be signed outside of Martinique
  • During the charter a copy of the contract must be onboard

-Shipments to the yacht without tax / Same day delivery:

  • DYS needs the shipment tracking information and a copy of the commercial invoice
  • The name of the yacht must be the first line of the address on the invoice and on the shiping document as follows:

MY/SY "Name of the Yacht"  

C/O Douglas Yacht Services 

Bât 2, RDC, Port de Plaisance 

97290 Le Marin


Tel: +596 596 52 14 28


-Provisioning Imports – No Sanitary certificate for direct delivery

-Repair & Maintenance – VAT saving procedure (PA) in place

-Diesel Bunker – Excellent euro-spec quality from our local refinery. Duty free available for Yachts with a Commercial Register


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